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Britannia, from Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

After the destruction of Exodus, a huge cataclysm destroyed most of the world and reshaped it forever. Mountains rose, lands sank, and in the end the world changed into what we have come to known as Britannia. Lord British emerged as the major ruler on the land, and seeking to have a way to control his subjects he called forth for a champion of virtue to be found.





Britannia, from Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar RL


Updated versions

Dungeon Despise, from Ultima 7: The Black Gate

A natural cave system located in the Serpent Spine mountain range, north of Britain. In the times of the Black Gate it was wrecked with foul magic which doomed all who ventured there to roam forever their dark corners.


Trinsic, from Ultima 7: The Black Gate


Stygian Goblin Colony, from Ultima Underworld

Year 173 of the Britannian Calendar: Sir Cabirus, a virtuous knight, obtains permission from Lord British to found a settlement of virtues in the most dangerous location of Britannia: The fiery Isle of the Avatar, and the evil Stygian Abyss within it. 50 years later, the colony has crumbled apart, and the Avatar is summoned on his dreams, to rescue a princess and save the world from utter destruction.

Stygian Abyss Goblin Colony

Britannia, from Ultima 9: Ascension

Britannia is under attack by the Guardian… the titan of Ether returns victorious from Pagan and must now roam the huge, extensive world to recover the shrines of virtue, shut down the scary pillars and finish up a long, traditional franchise in a glorious way. Go forth avatar!

Britannia is huge!