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Guess the map #4

Can you guess what game this map belongs to? what place is it inside the game? participate in our facebook page!



Grass Land, from Super Mario Bros 3

The grasslands of the Mushroom World were a tranquil place ruled by a fancy sultan-king… until that dark night when Larry the Koopa and his troop transformed the king into a puppy and stole his honor. It was then than the plumber from other world came and saved the grasslanders from the menacing airship that sowed terror into the land.

The Grass Land

Guess the Map 2

Can you guess the map? participate in our facebook page! If you win we’ll ultimize any map you want!


Transylvania, from Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest

Good eeeeeevening!!

The shady realms of Transylvania — After defeating Dracula, the legendary vampire killer Simon Belmont was forced to jump his way through swamps, mansions and forests, in order to gather the body parts of the vampire count and burn them in the ruins of Castlevania, the demon Castle.


Congratulations to Michael Maggio, the winner of the first “guess the map” challenge!