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We transform worlds into their 80's cRPG version



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LRUMP Maps Sources Released

You can find them at:

Middle-earth, from Tolkien’s Imaginarium

Version 1, calling for all Tolkien fans for comments for improvements

  • Geographic features
  • Places

Click for full res


Britannia, from Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

After the destruction of Exodus, a huge cataclysm destroyed most of the world and reshaped it forever. Mountains rose, lands sank, and in the end the world changed into what we have come to known as Britannia. Lord British emerged as the major ruler on the land, and seeking to have a way to control his subjects he called forth for a champion of virtue to be found.




Britannia, from Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar RL


Mt. Drash, from Worlds of Ultima: Escape from Mt. Drash

Ok, this isn’t actually a map, but it’s as close as it gets to taking Escape from Mt. Drash closer to the family of real Ultimas.

You can download the game here, or just take a look at the vid 🙂

LRUMP U8 Pagan Viewer, from Time Machine Dragon

Time Machine Dragon has started working on a pretty nice viewer for the LRUMP Maps, what will evolve from this we don’t know but it certainly looks nice!

The current version works for the Morgaelin map, and uses the C64 tileset instead of the EGA PC one, you can take a look here (it’s java)  though I’m certain he’s still working on polishing it.

Here’s a vid in case you couldn’t run it or are just too lazy

Death Mountain Coast, from The Legend of Zelda

Ganon has resurrected and invaded Hyrule, fetching the triforce of Power and kidnapping princess Zelda in order to obtain the triforce of Wisdom and thus gain maximum authority over the world; he takes her prisoner into his stronghold on the Death Mountain, south of western Hyrule, hoping to persuade her into giving up. Instead she fractions it into 8 PIECES and scatters them on the caves surrounding the mountain, calling forth for an hero to save the land.

Death Mountain Coast

Guess the map #4

Can you guess what game this map belongs to? what place is it inside the game? participate in our facebook page!


Hyrule, from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The evil wizard Agahnim has taken over Hyrule and is trying to open a gate to the Sacred Realm, by kidnapping beautiful maidens and doing weird experiments in the darkness of the night. Will the young link be able to fulfill his destiny?